I dislike writing
Especially Fiction,
It’s always a battle
Between the pen and I.
Most times, I want a story
That won’t be long
And I plan it that way

But once I start writing
I find the pen running on its own.
I try my best to stop the flow
To make it sound my way,
But the pen outruns me
And hits the line.

And then, I want the story to end
But the pen keeps running.
I watch myself struggling
Between my pen and my will
The will of the pen most times prevails
And just leaves me just there.

©writingcarrel 2019

Author: writingcarrel

Basked in the euphoria of writing

6 thoughts on “I DISLIKE WHAT I LIKE MOST.”

  1. Pens. Keyboards. And characters! Ugh, characters! They have this idea the story is all about them. Want it to go their way! Pah! Keep it up, and I’ll change your gender. Or make you limp. Or stutter. (Been there, done that, got some raggedy t-shirts to show for it.) Good write. Good write.

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