Be hopeful!
On dark days and hopeless days,
Survive each day like it was your last
And if you wake the next, don’t bother
Yourself with fears of yesterday; I know its hard,
But that’s probably the only way to stay happy.

I know you’ve been told to be strong
But I’d rather you cry on days you can’t hold it in,
Just don’t cry everyday;
Try your best to be your best
Set goals and work towards them
If you don’t meet such, don’t bother yourself,

Always remember, life is simple
Don’t try to complicate it, by setting unrealistic goals
This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t aim high.

Not everyone you come across will appreciate you,
Don’t expect it;
If you find sincere friends
Value them
If you don’t, be your own friend
It’s not that hard
But do not make yourself a desert
It’s a global world;

Be hopeful, again I say.

Author: writingcarrel

Basked in the euphoria of writing

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