Times were,
When we’d rather spare the spoon
To say Hi,
So free, like children dancing at moonlight
Unafraid of darkness or snake bites

We wandered about with the purity of childhood,
Building sand castles; playing hide and seek
Then we “grew” and understood pride

Yes…We peeped at each other’s garage and fought
And held hands when  dining with apologies
Giving ourselves childish promises, 
Not to repeat the mess… 

It wouldn’t take minutes to go back the path, we vowed not to again take

This cycle continued…
Till we hit puberty, 
We no longer embraced the coziness of the moon,
We spat at the sun and it fell on us,
It gave us the mantle to spit on ourselves

Yes we “grew,”
We fought and got too busy to dine with apologies..
So we left everything in the hands of growth.
And blamed maturity for every immaturity we displayed …

The question is “Did we really grow?”

©writingcarrel  2019